What are shackles used for in 2024

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What are shackles used for? Before knowing this, you must know what shackles are! Along with that, you need to know the types of shackles & their uses. In this article, you will get a comprehensive guide to what shackles are used for. So, let’s begin!

What shackle is? 

A shackle is a key tool for rigging, lifting, pulling & also hoisting. A shackle is a u- or jaw-shaped connecting link with a removable pin. It is also known albeit less commonly. However, a shackle has four parts. Such as Bow, Pin, Ear, and Shoulder.

As it is a comprehensive guide, a clear description of the parts of the shackle is important. 

  • Bow: It is a curved part of the shackle body & sometimes it is called the bail, body, dee, or bowl. The bow is located opposite the pin.
  • Pin: A steel bolt is designed to length the two shackle ears. 
  • Ears: It is an area of the shackle body where the shackle pin is supported. 
  • Shoulder: It is the part of the pin that makes a connection as opposed to the ear when the pin is fully engaged.

 What are shackles used for? 

Shackles are used for various industrial & commercial surroundings. For example: rigging, towing or pulling, lifting, hoisting & also tie-down. Also, shackled is used for different types of rigging, and load securing applications to attach varieties of lifting slings, chains, or rope kinds to one another or to an object. However, a lifting shackle provides a powerful & long-lasting connection between two points which can be opened and closed as needed to either permit or prevent disconnection. Whether you want to make strong physical contact between the lifting load device & the payload that requires assistance or movement, then shackles play an advantageous role. 

Whatsoever, different types of shackles have different purposes. To know about the different types of shackles & their use read the next section deliberately.

What are the different types of shackles? 

Shackles come in a variety of shapes & also configurations. In this section, you are going to recognize 8 different types of shackles & in further discussion, you will know their uses as well. 

  • D shackle/ Chain shackle. 
  • Bow shackle/ Anchor shackle. 
  • Screw pin shackle.
  • Piling shackle.
  • ROV shackle. 
  • Stainless steel shackle. 
  • Safety shackle
  • Wide body shackle

What are D shackle/ Chain shackle  used for:

D shackles are the most common shackle that most people use in their day-to-day lives. Besides, it is known as Dee/chain shackles as well. These types of shackle are narrow-gauged shackle shaped like a loop of chain. D shackles are suitable for moderate to heavy loads that are being lifted in line. But for side loads, these shackles are not suggested as they can begin to twist or bend if enough force is applied.

What are Bow shackle/ Anchor shackle used for:  

The bow shackle is a U-shaped metal link & it is closed by a bolt. These shackle have a rounded design which allows them to take loads from many directions without developing a side load. Moreover, it can assist with significantly more extensive lifting straps than D shackle. It is also used for recovering vehicles while catering to most vehicle weights available. 

What are Stainless steel shackle used for: 

Stainless steel shackle are perfect for tough environments & renowned for their durability and reliability. These shackle are the best choice for marine environments. Because it can protect the rigging operation as opposed to the effects of salt water. But these shackle are more expensive than any other types of steel shackle. Also, it is not suitable for general lifting where corrosion resistance is not needed. 

What are ROV shackle used for:

ROV’s full form is a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle. It is specially used for underwater operations. It allows for ropes & slings to connect throughout different subsea operations. ROV shackle are capable of lifting large loads. However, it is only suitable for underwater operations. 

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What are Wide-body shackle used for: 

Wide-body shackle are used for conjunctions with high-capacity industrial web slings, industrial round slings, or wire rope slings. While using a wide body shackle with a rope, it should be equal to or greater than the wire rope diameter. 

What are Piling shackles used for: 

The piling shackles contain an extended D-shaped shank & there is a reason behind it! Because piling shackles are intended to lift steel piling sheets, whose anchor points are around 150mm distance from the top. Piling shackles are used for construction sites. As shackle are needed to maintain ground levels.

What are Screw pin shackle used for: 

A threaded pin is inserted through the ears of a screw pin & tightened down. Screw pin shackle are convenient for rigging that is used for “pick and place” applications. It can be used when side loading is present and with multi-leg sling gatherings. Keep in mind that, when a screw pin shackle is used, the screw pin threads need to be fully engaged, and tight, and the shoulder should be in contact with the shackle body.

What are Safety Shackles used for: 

Safety shackles are used in the construction and lifting industries. These are available in bow & D shackle shapes. But these are a bit different from the common ones because these contain a nut & pin which secures the fastening.

Wrap up:  What are used for can’t wrap up in a sentence because there are different types of shackles available which are used for different purposes. Choose your wanted shackle according to your needs. 


1. How often do you inspect shackles? 

Answer:should be inspected regularly & especially before every use. 

 2. What are the most commonly used shackles for general use? 

Answer: D-type shackle which are known as chain shackles & Bow shackles are the most commonly used shackle for general use.

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