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Best USS Ford Anchor Review 2024

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USS Ford Anchor Review: All Wanted to Know!

When discussing some of the gigantic ship anchors, the USS Ford Anchor comes at the top of the list. This anchor is mainly the United States Navy‘s newest aircraft carrier and has been in use since 2022. The most noticeable factor of the USS Ford Anchor is its weight—massive enough. Plus, the added weight of the chai makes the anchor even more significant. 

There are some valid reasons why people want a USS Ford anchor review. Are you one of them? The anchor plays a prominent role in the United States Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, which is positioned in extreme sea waves. Just think about the massive size of a career, and you’ll understand the importance of the anchor. 

Today, we’ll give you an overall idea about the USS Ford anchor: what the story behind it is, how the maintenance is handled, what makes the anchor special, and more. Stay tuned! 

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USS Ford Anchor Review

The first installation of the USS Ford anchor took place on March 15, 2020. The anchor required decent engineering skills to make, and Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) at their Newport News Shipbuilding division did the job. Great work! 

The massive anchor offers maneuverability in different sea conditions. And that’s what is more or less widely known, especially among the people who have enough interest in the anchor. The deck department is responsible for maintaining the anchor.

Do you know the weight of the USS Ford anchor used by the American Navy? Well, the anchor weighs around 30,000 pounds, which is 30,000 pounds less than the Nimitz-class anchors. But the anchor can handle a weight of up to 100,000 tons.

Beyond the actual anchor, the chain weighs around 133 pounds each. The length is huge as well. All the anchor chains have a total length of 1440 feet. And this makes it one of the longer ship anchor chains. 

Handling the anchor system is always important. The USS Ford anchor comes with an electrically powered system, so the handling system comes in very handy when it comes to ensuring the ship’s safety. Plus, the new electrically powered system makes the anchor even more top-notch. 

What Are the Key Features of USS Ford Anchor?

Apart from the random ship anchor, the USS Ford anchor is way more different. Is it one of the most powerful ones? Definitely! Just imagine what type of power and engineering works ensure the safety of aircraft carriers. What makes the anchor at the top? Here’s what we’ve found out; 

Improved Handling System

The existence of an anchor is not enough unless it comes with a proper handling system. But for the US Ford anchor, the scenario is quite different. The anchor has a superficial handling system that plays a leading role in chain management and overall performance, thanks to the electrically powered and unique Ford design. 

The handling system is moreover easy to deploy anytime around the clock. And that’s what you need in the deep sea. Indeed!

USS Ford Anchor
USS Ford Anchor


If you think lightweight anchors are not that powerful when, you are wrong. Compared to the other huge anchors, the weight of the USS Ford anchor is low. It weighs 30,000 pounds, as mentioned. The previous Ford anchor of the Nimitz class weighs  60,000 pounds. 

And when the anchor is lightweight, it becomes pretty easy to maintain it. Both on and off the operation. Plus, the easier deployment can be very much in hand with the lightweight anchor. This should be your keynote as far as the USS Ford anchor review is concerned. 

When an anchor becomes too heavy, accidents can occur while installing or maintaining it. But with the US Ford anchor, improved flexibility and safety are always present. 

Longer and Powerful Chain

The chain is seriously long and powerful at the same time. A 1440-foot chain is not a joke any day. And that’s why anchoring becomes too easy with the USS Ford anchor. Each chain link weighs 136 pounds. The chain is made of high-strength steel links. So, there’s hardly any possibility to break down and put anchoring in danger. 

Final Thoughts

The aircraft carrier needs to be stable in the sea, especially when the jets land. The US Navy uses the USS Ford anchor most here, and credit should go to the people who make it and are responsible for maintenance. 

A load test took place, during which the anchor simulated 180-foot and 360-foot drops. This is highly impressive. A team of sailors, safety observers, riggers, and brakemen played a huge role in ensuring the anchor functions as expected. 

Moreover, effective communication between the bridge watch team is always there for the anchor. And that’s what Ford’s operations officer, Lt. Cmdr. Benjamin Dunn, often notices. 

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