Is Mackinac Island Anchored

Is Mackinac Island Anchored? Myth or the Truth?

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Is Mackinac Island Anchored? Know Details

It all came down to a viral Facebook post: Mackinac Island is on the move! But it was an April Fool’s joke after all. Those who have enough idea about the history of the mystery island will tell you the truth. And that is, the Mackinac Island has never been anchored. And why should it be? 

Yes, there are anchored islands in the United States. ‘Man-made’ and ‘artificial’ are the words used when discussing the islets. But for Mackinac Island, this has never been the case. A good number of people worldwide believe Mackinac Island is one of the US’s mini wonders.  

Mackinac Island

Is Mackinac Island Anchored? 

No. There is no need for Mackinac Island to be anchored? The island is not going to move away. But, the confusion took place based on a Facebook page named A Michigan Thing. But what was in that post? 

One of the members of ‘I grew up in Michigan’ claimed an anchor mooring of Mackinac Island broke down. The post also stated that 4  moorings were installed back in the 1910s. The purpose was to keep the island from shifting.

And there is where the debate comes in for many. However, no historical evidence exists of setting up anchor mooring to prevent the island from moving away or shifting. If you check the post’s comment section, people took it as an April Fool’s joke. You can also take it as a joke and laugh. But this is misinformation in another sense.

Anyway, this will not frighten thousands of travelers visiting the island yearly (Just kidding though). You’ll find more jokes about the island, possibly because of the significant incidents there. 

The War of 1812, the transitions of power between Europe and America, the banning of automobiles in the 19th century, and whatnot!

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What Is Special About Mackinac Island?

Why do we say that Mackinac Island is enriched with history? It all started with the Native Americans visiting this island for fishing. Then, in the year after the Civil War, Mackinac Island became a true resort town. Travelers started to spend their days in large numbers. It was also declared the nation’s second national park in 1875. 

Over the years, everything has been done to make the island the most magical place in Michigan. Just think; this is the only Island where automobiles are not allowed, as the horses are frightened by the noise. 

Natural Beauty

This is what attracts the tourists the most. If you are a nature lover, Mackinac will seem like heaven. Forget about the season. The spectacular views and beautiful scenery are enough to draw the attention of people around the world. The ferry from the mainland will take you through the island.

You can book a chair on the great lawn of the Mackinac and enjoy the sunrise or have a picnic. What’s more? Vacationers hardly miss enjoying the view of woods, water, and island landmarks like Arch Rock and Sugar Loaf.

Bicycle Riding 

The bicycle is the only vehicle you will see in Mackinac. And you can hire one and drive through the side of the hill. Just wonder; you are on the only highway in Michigan that doesn’t allow motor vehicles. The 8-mile long drive can add an unforgettable memory to your life. 

Horse Drawn Carriage 

This is the traditional vehicle of the island. Yes, just like the bicycle, you will find people surfing here and there with the horse-drawn carriage. There are several different options to choose from when traveling through the island. 

Is Mackinac Island Anchored

The Grand Hotel 

Accommodation facilities are the best in Mackinac Island. You’ll find a good number of hotels, and all of them follow the island’s traditions. For some, walking on the deck of the Grand Hotel is an activity they shouldn’t miss doing. The hotel was there from 1887 and visitors like US presidents spend their time there. 

Fort Mackinac

Do you like visiting historical places? You should never miss visiting Fort Mackinac. The fort is of great military significance. The British built it during the American Revolutionary War. History says the fort played a prominent role in controlling the fur trade. But today, it is nothing but a museum for tourists to visit. 

Delicious Fudge

It’s rare to visit Mackinac Island without trying the delicious fudge. Tourists can watch this being made live and enjoy the taste at the same time. And do you know what? Fudge is also a part of the tradition of Mackinac. The desert has been there since the 1800s and has an unforgettable taste. 


Is It Possible to Live on Mackinac Island?

According to the latest survey, only 836 people lived on Mackinac Island. Residents include people who work in different shops and hotels or are mostly employees. Visiting and spending some days there is possible, but you can’t be a permanent resident. 

What Isn’t Allowed on Mackinac Island?

People there are not allowed to use any type of automobile for transportation. There are ferries that take visitors to the island from the mainland. Now, to move, you need to rely on your foot and ride a bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. Beyond transportation, you can’t perform a campaign on the island.

Is Mackinac Island Anchored? Last Few Words

The more you listen, the more you want to know about Mackinac Island. And that’s what the island is all about. As the day advances, who knows, we will hear more myths, but only the island’s rich history will remain the same. So what’s the bottom line? Still, Mackinac Island is yet to be anchored. What do you think? 

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