Heaviest Anchor in the World

Best Heaviest Anchor in the World in 2024

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Explore the Top 5 Heaviest Anchor in the World

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Anchor? Probably a construction made with stainless, cast, or other type of steel and attracted to a number of shackles. Apart from the modest size, there are massive anchors that bear historical significance. 

Do you know what the heaviest anchor in the world is? USS Ford’s Anchor! The anchor weighs 30,000 pounds. Then, it is the East River anchor discovered in 1971. The approximate weight of the anchor is 5000 pounds. The Lightship 101 is another giant anchor discovered in 1971. 

Stay tuned as we delve into the fascinating details of these monumental anchors, some of the largest ever created!

Heaviest Anchor

Heaviest Anchor in the World

Over the years, anchors have been used to secure vessels and prevent them from drifting. Moreover, this is a very common component of the marine environment. Apart from the marine field, we’ve seen the use of the heaviest anchor in securing connections between tunnels, aircraft carriers, and so on.

Some anchors have taken a significant place in history, and people around the world are limitless in their excitement about exploring them. 

USS Ford’s Anchor

The anchor is really huge. Yes, just think about a red anchor in front of you, which is 30,000 pounds, and this is no joke. And you know? The length of the anchor is 1,440 feet. Each chain linked is 2 feet long. Now, you can better understand why the anchor is the heaviest. 

The anchor was constructed in August 2005, and since then, it has been used by the USS Gerald R. Ford crew. Moreover, the anchor is an aircraft carrier in the United States. 

The East River Anchor

The anchor was founded in 1971, and as the name suggests, it was in the East River in New York City. At that time, excavation for the 63rd Street Tunnel was ongoing. Credit goes to Steers Inc., a construction company responsible for making the tunnel. 

For many, this is another heaviest anchor in the world, weighing around 5000 pounds and measuring approximately 15 feet. The anchor was made in the mid-19th century, but there isn’t enough information regarding who made it. 

Now, the anchor is displayed in the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City. Many people from all over the world visit the museum only to see the anchor. 

The 63rd Street Tunnel Anchor

It was also discovered in 1971 in the East River. There is a tunnel connecting Manhattan and Queens in New York City. When people were excavating for 63rd Street, they found the anchor there. It weighs 5000 pounds. Like the East River anchor, the 63rd Street tunnel anchor is also displayed in the South Street Seaport Museum.

Heaviest Anchor in the World

HMAS Canberra Anchor

The name comes from the Capital of Australia, Canberra. Like other heaviest anchors, the HMAS Canberra has an enriched history. It was, moreover, a heavy cruiser used by a Scottish-built ship. It weighs around 4000 pounds. The HMAS Canberra was lost in the Solomon Islands during the Second World War. 

Lightship 101 Anchor

The Lightship 101 is one of the historic and renowned ships in the United States, but it is no longer in use. An anchor of around 5550 pounds was used to keep the ship connected to the riverbed and to make the ship wind-resistant while sailing. 

When you discuss the heaviest anchor in the world, the Lightship 101 anchor comes in. You can find the Lightship 101 in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum


How Heavy Are Navy Anchors?

The Navy anchors are usually heavier. The required anchors and their weight vary based on the boat’s size. However, the range can be around 25,000- 30,000 pounds. For example, the USS Ford’s Anchor is the world’s heaviest anchor, weighing 30,000 pounds.

Is a Heavier Anchor Better?

There is no school of thought that heavier anchors are better. It depends on the purpose the anchors are used. But, the heavier anchors are usually more powerful. And that’s the reason why the biggest ships around the world have gigantic anchors. 

How Much Weight Can an Anchor Hold?

The weight an anchor can hold depends on its capacity and how powerful it is. Plus, what materials used to make the anchor should be another consideration? However, the anchors can hold 40-100 pound-force. 

Final Thoughts

As the day progresses, you’ll see more research and information about the anchors. It is incredible how the giant anchors are made, set up, and maintained. Beyond this, the comprehensive engineering work and materials used to make the anchors are exceptional. 

Who knows, the heaviest anchor in the world will be discovered in the future, and it beats the ones we mentioned here. So, keep a close eye on our blogs. 

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